Shanghai Power Oriental International Trade Co., Ltd. Is the shanghai-headquartered group company and recognized as one of the world's leaders in pneumatic industry and the auto industry.

The Company specializes in supplying air compressors, pneumatic tools, welding machines, auto repairing and maintenance machines. The company provides one-stop-shop supply chain solutions to meet customer’s specific requirement such as auto repair shop, hardware chain store, pneumatic tools retail and wholesale operations.

Shanghai Power Oriental International Trade Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2004. Now we have two main production base totally covering around 60000 square meters located in Shanghai and Zhejiang.

The company has more than 700 staff ,including 80 engineers and technicians. Yearly turnover reaches 0.15 billions dollars. The company had passed ISO9001 quality management certification and almost tools approved with CE,GS, PAHS certification.











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